Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lots of News

A few exciting things have happened this week. I apologize in advance - lots of words, no pictures today.

First off, my sweet baby brother called yesterday to let us know he had gotten married! It wasn't a huge surprise, he had told us he and his girlfriend were going to get married this year, but last we talked they were still deciding when and where. I guess they talked about it and determined they didn't see any reason to wait any longer. He lives in Lake Tahoe, so I think that drive over to Reno is just too short.

At any rate, none of us have met his wife yet. They have been dating for about a year, but due to his schedule and some other obligations they have, they haven't been able to make it up for a visit. He says in October - I sure hope so! He did tell me that she knits too. Since she seems to make him very happy, what more could I ask for?

In other exciting news, Amanda and Katrina have started a knitalong for Cat Bordhi's new book "New Pathways for Sock Knitters" and have graciously agreed to allow me to tag along. You can get more info and sign up on the blog: New Pathways KnitAlong or you can join the group on Ravelry. Sadly, I do not have a Ravelry invite yet, but there is a link to the Raverly group on the Knitalong blog.

This really is a great book and is perfect for a knitalong since it has so many new and exciting sock architectures. As I've mentioned before, I am new to the sock knitting thing, but am excited to try out some of these ideas.

Finally, one of the reasons I started a blog was because I wanted to get more involved with the on-line knitting community, including doing things like knitalongs and swaps. Today I found the first swap I plan to participate in. It is the "Fall Into Autumn" exchange which looks pretty low stress on the knitting side (knit or crochet a dishcloth), with a little bit of shopping thrown in. Sounds about perfect for a first timer.

Registration for the "Fall Into Autumn" exchange will open on September 1st and close September 8th at Midnight, EDT. Now, if I can just remember to go sign up during that window, I'll be in good shape!

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