Thursday, August 9, 2007

Today the mail brought something wonderful! This story started last February though, when I decided I wanted to make something nice for my husband's step-mother for her birthday. She really is a wonderful woman who has been married to my father-in-law for 31 years now. She also seems to appreciate handmade things. So, I headed off to the Cozy Ewe, a former LYS here in the greater Portland area. There I found Berger du Nord's Belle, the most gorgeous silk yarn that had the added benefit of being a very reasonable price. I completed the scarf pictured below and promptly sent it off to Massachusetts.

Pattern: Liesel Scarf
Yarn: Berger du Nord, Belle - 2 balls
Size: About 8"x70" - I didn't know some folks don't recommend wet blocking silk. It really grew!
Completed: February, 2007

However, I did not forget that gorgeous yarn. Not long after I bought it, the Cozy Ewe went out of business. I have never seen it again in a Portland area shop, but always look for it. Recently I was lamenting to my long-suffering husband how I wished I had some of that Belle in my stash because I wanted to knit more lace with it, although I wanted to use it for a bigger wrap. Enter, once again, that fantastic Google Search and a slow afternoon at the office (a VERY dangerous combination).

Webs has it on sale - only $4.99 a ball! They're all out of the blue, but have other colors. I am a very happy camper today. Now, if I can just stick to the projects I have on the needles at the moment and not start another...

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