Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's been a very exciting weekend around here. First up, I won my first blog contest recently. The ladies over at Romancing the Yarn were celebrating their one year Blogiversary with what they were calling "Yarnapalooza". They gave away yarn to their readers every day in July! I was the lucky winner for July 25. This lovely skein of sock yarn arrived on Friday afternoon. Yeah for yarn in the mail and for winning and for such great blog hostesses!

You see that little blue sock below the fancy new sock yarn? That is my first sock ever, just completed July 19. I am very lucky to belong to the same knitting guild (Tigard Knitting Guild) as the one and only Chrissy Gardiner. She was the guest speaker at our July meeting and taught us how to knit socks on two circular needles. I have been putting off sock knitting because I dread starting projects on double points. I actually found the two circular needle technique really fun and am looking forward to knitting some adult size socks soon. So, the sock yarn arrived at a good time!

The other exciting thing that happened this weekend was that my oldest daughter turned 4. We had a party for her on Saturday which was "bat" themed, per her request. I had a really good time putting the party together, but I will say that bat stuff is not easy to find in August. I did eventually find some bat themed items at Oriental Trading Company, including the kits for the bat hats shown below. The wings wrap around the head, making a crown type hat. These were made by my two girls, A's on the right, V's (who is 2) on the left. V had everything in "the right place" at one point, but decided she didn't really like it that way. She moved the pieces around until it looked the way she wanted. Too cute!

My mother, a very talented seamstress, made the bat beanbags in the front with this pattern I found with a Google Search. Don't you just love Google? We played "toss the bat into the cave", which was a big hit. Overall, I think the entire event was a success and the kids seemed to have a good time.

In other exciting news, I picked up my oldest UFO late last week and decided I am going to finish it before I get to work on anything else. After I post this and assuming the kids are asleep, I intend to do just that. Perhaps I'll have a baby blanket to post about soon.

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