Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Knitting is progressing on the Kimono Shawl and I am a little over half way done. It doesn't really look much different from the last picture I showed though, only longer.

Unfortunately I have to put it aside for what I hope is a brief period while I work on something with a shorter deadline. RaNaye, the owner of All About Yarn in Tigard asked me to teach a lace knitting class. I am still a bit stunned by this idea. I have mixed feelings about it, mostly along the lines of "Why me" and "I haven't been knitting long enough to teach anyone anything". However, she assures me that I know plenty more than is necessary to teach an intro to lace class. So, after I took a few days to think about it, during which time I started writing an outline for the class, I agreed to give it a go. It will be a 2 day special project class and will be in October. Let me know if you're interested.

So, the project that is interrupting the gorgeous silk experience I have been enjoying is a little sample scarf for the class. I wanted to knit it up and have it in the shop so folks can see what they will be learning. I'll talk more about the sample and the class as details progress.

In the mean time, I said yesterday that I would share one of my non-knitting obsessions with you. It is books. I know, any of you who have been to my house are not in the least surprised by this. Some folks can use their yarn stash as extra insulation. My hubby and I could easily use our library of books. However, in this instance, I am talking specifically children's books with great illustrations.

Funny thing is, I don't necessarily have a type of illustration I am crazy about, per se, or a specific book vintage. I just like what I like. I find most of my treasures at Goodwill or yard sales and yes, I do share some of them with the girls.

Here is a good example of a book I love:

My Counting Book by Marybob Baker, Illustrated by J.P. Miller Published in 1964 by Merrigold Press

I just love this little book! The story is so sweet, about a Lion counting all of his friends.

Sorry for these low quality pictures. I don't have a scanner, but may need to invest in one.

I looked this one up on Amazon but they didn't have a picture of the cover. They did have some used copies available. You can't really beat $.49 from Goodwill though!

If I can figure out a better way to show off my books, I may add this as a regular feature on my blog. What do you think?


msubulldog said...

Hey--congrats on that lace class! I'm so excited for you. That's awesome! :)

We are serious bibliophiles around here, too.

Debby said...

Please include more books! In addition to knitting, etc, I LOVE books, children's books in particular and with 7 grandchildren it's a great love to have.

Knitted Bookworm said...

Keep up the info on children's books...there are a lot of us out here who love them too!