Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pink Baby Blanket

I decided to go ahead and post pictures of the completed, but unblocked pink baby blanket. I started this last August for a co-worker, whose wife was due to have a baby girl in September. Needless to say, they did not receive it and instead were gifted a pair of booties.

The yarn is fantastic, so soft and nice to work with. However, I found the pattern a bit boring and the color is just not me, which I think made it much harder for me to knit. The color in the first picture is closest to the actual color in real life. If I'm going to knit with pink, I am much more likely to go for a softer pink. Most people who know me will find this odd since I love bold color, but pink is different.

Pattern: Simply Sweet from Tea for Two Baby Afghans
Yarn: Cascade Pima Tencel, Color 1317
Time to complete: About 1 year

I knit the entire body of the blanket last Fall, then left it to languish while I did other things. The idea of picking up all of those stitches around the entire edge made pretty much every other project I had in my stash more appealing. Finally, last week, I decided it was time to finish it when I found out another co-worker was due to have a baby girl any day.

Now that it's finished though, I don't think I am going to send it to that co-worker either. I think I am going to save it for some special future person. I am already working on another set of booties for the co-worker. This time I may throw in a hat too, depending on my mood this week.

Not sure what that weird row is near this bottom in this picture. Seems to be a problem with the picture and not an error in my knitting. If you do see errors, please don't tell me. At this point, I don't want to know!

By the way, I did decide not to block it for now. I don't think it looks that bad and is very soft and drapey already. I may yet change my mind at some point in the future, but for now, its on to other things.

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