Monday, September 24, 2007

OFFF Goodies

As promised, here are some of the lovelies that followed me home from Oregon Flock and Fiber this weekend. First up, some Ecological Wool from Cascade. I know I can get this anytime, but not at the price I paid for it - which was unbelievable. This has actually been on my list to pick up because I want to make a Hemlock Throw like the ones Susan has been making over at The Rainey Sisters Blog. She has basically taken a doily pattern and knit it with this eco wool and huge needles to make a throw. I love this idea and have now officially added it to my never ending "to knit" list.

Next are two skeins of gorgeous rayon yarn from Interlacements. Each skein has 1200 yards and is really soft! In the booth they had several projects that had each been made with just one skein, including a summer sweater, a long button up vest and a gorgeous shawl. The knitted fabric in all cases had a really lovely drape. I am leaning toward the shawl idea myself.

By the way, these are not both for me. My mom asked me to pick one up for my sister too so she can give it to her for Christmas. Now the question is "Which one do I want to keep?" Sigh. I bought the one on the left for myself originally, but then decided I liked the one on the right better, then changed my mind again. They are really similar, but enough different that I am having a hard time deciding. I may just let my mom pick the one she likes best for my sister and make it easy on myself.

This lovely pink skein is from Trish over at Tanglewood Fiber Creations. Any of you who were at the show and are saying "I didn't see a Tanglewood Booth" are correct. When I ran into Trish we started talking and she reminded me of something I had done for her that turned out to be a really great thing. Next thing I know, Trish is saying "You need some yarn, let me go get my basket and you can pick one". How cool is that? This pink is not necessarily a color I would normally pick, but I love it! It's sort of a thistle color that is a bit darker and richer than it looks in this picture. Thanks again Trish!

Finally, the last two I am going to share with you - because I assure you, these are not the last two that came home with me - are these gorgeous skeins of Mama-E's Cyber Fiber. Both of these came from Chrissy's shop and were payment for the work I did there on Saturday.

The one on top is called "Gardiner Yarn Works" and I have been lusting after it for months. Chrissy has been sold out on her site for a long time and I have been kicking myself for not getting some when it was in stock. When she announced she was not going to be selling sock kits anymore, I thought I might have missed my opportunity for good. So, imagine my delight when we started to unpack the yarn on Saturday and there was one lone skein mixed in with the rest of the yarn. Needless to say, it did not even make it onto the table, but went right back into the box! I am suspicious that Chrissy may have brought it knowing I would want it right away...I may have mentioned a few hundred times how much I loved it.

The other skein is called "Margene" and it was actually available for sale most of the day Saturday. From the beginning, it was also an only skein, with no brothers or sisters. As the day wore on, I would get up and visit it occasionally, patting it. I liked it too, right away, but I knew there was lots of other yarn at the Festival and other folks who might like it. I needed to make sure no one else needed it before it came home with me at the end of the day.

By the way, as of now, I still have only knit the one baby sock, yet I probably have sock yarn for at least 15 pairs of socks! I guess I am just preparing for the inevitable. I had so much fun making that baby sock, I know I am going to be hooked when I start knitting them. I need to be prepared, right?


Katrina said...

Yes, you just keep gathering that sock yarn, Lady. We'll make a sock knitter out of you yet. And of course you've heard the saying "sock yarn doesn't count as stash". Unfortunately, that IS my stash...

lv2knit said...

I wish I could take credit for the Hemlock idea, but it all goes to Jared of Brooklyn Tweed fame. He is the brain trust behind the idea. It has certainly sparked a new interest in doilies for me! Jeez, I never pictured myself an old lady knitting doilies! I have a feeling my house will soon be covered from top to bottom with some kind of knit-dornment!