Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Clothes

I am a truly blessed person with more than my fair share to be thankful for in my life. However, one of the things I am most thankful for is my mother. She has always been a great mother - very loving, very loyal, generous to a fault. It's been amazing to see her positive qualities magnified even more with my children.

My mom also is extremely talented in many ways, but especially in the arena of domestic arts. When I was a kid, she made all of our clothes, ran our small farm, canned and froze all of our food, baked bread every week, ran my 4-H group and made wedding cakes and custom clothes on the side for a little cash! I still don't know how she did it, although I can tell you keeping house was not one of her priorities. :)

So, combine this generous spirit with her love of all things domestic and crafty and you end up with an amazing "back to school" wardrobe for my 4 year old. Yes, that's right, she decided A. needed back to school clothes for her 3 day a week pre-school gig. Her justification "Well, it's important to A., so it's important to me and it made me happy." OK mom, thanks!

I only snapped pictures of my two favorite outfits. Above is A. wearing the dress my mom made with fabric she let A. pick out. It is really sweet!

I just love this one. You can sort of see from this picture that it has inset panels of the trim fabric. My niece, who is 12 now, used to also have a couple of grandma-made dresses like this one when she was small. She called them her "magic dresses" because when she twirled, the panels opened up and the dresses looked really different.

All together she made A. 5 dresses with coordinating "monkey bar shorts" - all thoughtfully designed with my little one's needs and desires in mind. Amazing.

In addition, she didn't want little V. to feel left out, so she made her a couple of things too. As with most 2 year olds, V. is not much into modeling. So, I snuck up on her while she was playing in the dirt in her favorite new elephant dress. So cute!

Can't wait to see what mom comes up with when the girls head off to full time school!


Anonymous said...

The dresses are absolutely adorable! You and your girls are blessed indeed.

LissaDora said...

Wow, beautiful!

Do you sew, too?

My grandma used to sew the buttons on all the dresses my mother made for me - but I remember making doll quilts with Grandma when I was very little.

I have her thread box... I remember sitting up in her sewing room ripping fabric strips with her when I pull out thread for one of my projects.

Hi - I found you via the Fall into Autumn Dishcloth swap!

Donna said...

I do sew too. My mom taught me when I was really small. Just the other day we were talking about it and I said I didn't really remember learning to sew. She said that was because she held me on her lap while she sewed, starting when I was a baby. Makes sense that I can't remember.

My mom is still a way better seamstress than I am! When I do sew I tend to stick to pretty simple things.

By the way "hi" to you too. I tried to figure out how to send you an email, but didn't see an email address for you.

LissaDora said...

Hrmm... maybe I don't have it set up. Since I use livejournal, I'm not real certain how the blogger et-up works. It's aldersprig at gmail dot com. :-)

My mom can sew me out of the water... she sewed my wedding dress!