Thursday, July 31, 2008

So how much can one obsessed woman knit in one year?

Apparently a LOT! When I looked back over my little obsessive compulsive spreadsheet for the last year, I found that I had completed 79 projects. Did I mention I also work 60+ hours a week, have a family with small children and am president of my local knitting guild this year? Obsession is the only way to explain it!

The totals broke down as follows:

  • Hats: 18
  • Pairs of Socks: 16
  • Dishcloths: 13
  • Scarves: 7
  • Afghan Squares for the Great American Afghan: 6 (some might not consider these each a project, but the ones I knit are very complex and took several days each, so I'm counting them)
  • Lace Shawls: 3
  • Pairs of Fingerless Gloves: 2
  • Pairs of Mittens: 2
  • Christmas Stockings: 2
  • Children's Sweaters: 2
  • Lace Baby Blanket: 1
  • Pair of Baby Booties: 1
  • Small bag: 1
  • Pair of Felted Clogs: 1
  • Toy Owl: 1
  • Neckwarmer: 1
  • Helmet Liner for Marines: 1
  • Adult size vest: 1

Whew! What a year!

This means the winner who guessed closest to the number of projects was Ikkilala. She guessed 71 items, which was pretty close! Ikkilala, I have already sent you an email requesting your snail mail address. When I receive it, I will be sending you the following:

That's two skeins of Brown Sheep's Wildfoote in colorway Ragtime, along with a copy of the Brick Rib Socks pattern from Gardiner Yarn Works. Hope you like knitting socks as much as I do!

For the question of which item I knit the most of, Kitten with a Whiplash was the only person to correctly guess hats. So, Kitten, I will be sending you the following:

That is two skeins of Plymouth Suri Merino in a lovely rose color, along with the Frequency Hat Pattern from Gardiner Yarn Works. This should be enough yarn to knit 2 kids hats or one adult hat, if you hold the yarn least that's my theory. Oh, and I've also sent you an email requesting your shipping info.

Thanks again to all who participated! It's been a wonderful year. I have really enjoyed this first year of blogging and look forward to many more!

Now, I'm off to work on a certain almost 5 year old's birthday party...If all goes well I should have some fun pictures to post this weekend.


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Thanks so much, I love the prize you've chosen for me. Congrats to Ikkilala on her prize as well.

Turtle said...

congrats , to both the progress of knitting and to the winners!