Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More socks

Look at me, posting two days in a row! I finished another pair of socks this morning and thought I would just pop them up onto the blog.

Pattern: I thought I was knitting something original, but when I was finished I discovered I had knit Blueberry Waffles at a smaller gauge. Since I don't recall ever seeing the pattern before I finished them, I think it was particularly talented of me.

Yarn: Mystery yarn from the stash which had no tags. I bought it at the Guild's yarn swap last year from Chrissy. At the time, I assumed it was Interlacements because the color was similar to a skein I had seen. Really though, who knows what it is - not Chrissy because I asked her!

The first photo shows the color better. I actually really enjoyed knitting these, except that the yarn was a little scratchy. I guess I have become a bit spoiled, with all of the Socks that Rock I have been knitting with lately.

Oh, and yes Katrina, those are sock blockers. I finally gave in and bought some in my size, but only because I have found the short row heals a pain to block otherwise. They look soooo much better after having a turn drying on the blockers.

Next time I am going to write about another knitting project I completed recently that is not socks. I know, crazy huh? I do have two more pairs of socks on the needles now though, so never fear, there are more socks in the near future too.

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Mary said...

Lovely socks!. Saw your post on Ravelry. It is a common stitch pattern. The way you put your stitches together makes it your own socks. :) I have my own pattern that I thought I came up with own my own, but when I looked around, I found it in one of the old stitch dictionaries.
Happy Knitting Socks@ :)