Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm a Lumberjack and I'm O.K....

Well, I'm not really a lumberjack, but we had some at our house this week. It all started with the other tree incident I recently blogged about. The morning after the other tree came down, I received a phone call at 7:00 from the "tree guy" we had tried to get hold of the day before. He was calling from our front yard and what he said was "I'm in your front yard. Yes, this blue spruce is really bad, we should take it out right away". Unfortunately, the blue spruce was not the tree we had called him about!

We knew it was bad because it was brown, ugly and swayed in a scary way whenever it was windy. Recently, it too had started to lean a bit, only this time it was toward the house! So, out it came, before the next wind storm could knock it down.
You can't see how big the tree is in this picture, but you can see the power lines. It was surrounded on all sides with power and phone lines. I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to plant a tree there!

Here's a nearly "after" shot. It was really interesting to watch the lumberjacks trim all the branches off first, then drop down the pieces of the trunk. They were really fast too!

I will admit that I always thought that tree was ugly and was not too sad to see it go. However, we had the "tree guy" look at another tree in the back yard that, I am sad to say, he confirmed needed to go too. It was a very old willow tree that was completely rotten in the middle. We were very lucky it had not fallen down, especially since it probably would have fallen on the neighbor's house. Again before:

And after:

I will admit, this one brought some tears to my eyes. I have to keep reminding myself that it had a nice long life and I would have been much sadder if it had smashed the neighbor...sigh. Of course, these were the only two trees that actually shaded our house. It looks so naked now.

On the plus side, we had three cute young lumberjacks running around the place for most of the day...

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