Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our weekend, so far

I have decided not to post anything about knitting today, but instead to talk about what we've been up to the last couple of days.

Apparently, there are a bunch of Lavender Farms in the greater Portland area who have all gotten together and created the Oregon Lavender Association. This weekend, this new Association is hosting a Lavender Festival. I saw a poster for this somewhere around town and decided it would be great fun to drag the family out to it. I think I was right.

There is an Art Festival in Yamhill, which had an art show full of gorgeous paintings. There were also lots of interesting vendors, live music, yummy food and a killer play ground. The girls had a great time!

Additionally, twenty-one local lavender farms open their doors to the public, with smaller on site events. You can walk through the lavender fields, cut flowers to take home, make lavender themed crafts, listen to more music and buy plants.

This picture was taken at one of the two farms we managed to visit today.

Gorgeous, huh? It was really hot, but luckily there was plenty of shade at all of the places we went. Otherwise I might not have had such positive memories.

Here are the girls, enjoying the flowers. One thing I can say for this event, it smells fantastic wherever you go!
We love all of the little festivals and fairs that happen around rural Oregon every year and this one was no exception. I think we will likely plan to attend again next year.

The other thing keeping us occupied this weekend is Mo:

Sorry for the blurry picture. He doesn't hold still much, so this was the best I could do. And no, we didn't get a new kitty. Our old lady cats would never tolerate that, especially not a male kitten!

Mo is actually our neighbors newest family member. However, they are away for the weekend and actually asked A. is she would like to babysit for them. She calls it her "job" and is absolutely thrilled with the task. She's doing a great job too. She even reminded me this afternoon that she needed to clean Mo's litter box, which she did on her own. I asked her if she would be sad when the neighbors return on Monday. Her response was "No, because I'll always be able to remember this weekend and all of the fun I'm having". How did she get so grown up?

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ponyknit said...

That lavender must have smelled awesome! With that much in bloom. Lovely!
Adorable kitten. I used to love those sort of jobs at her age.