Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A non-sock FO!

So, remember a couple of posts back I said I actually had a finished object to talk about that wasn't socks? Well, here it is

Pattern: Gardiner Yarn Works, Kid's Stripey Raglan, Yarn: Bollicine Maxi by Cascade

You will note that this sweater is not stripey, as the pattern name would suggest. I decided that this yarn was busy enough without stripes.

I bought the yarn when I was in Los Angeles for the January TNNA and knit most of it on the show floor at the June TNNA. And no, I never miss my children when I am away, why do you ask?

I loved this pattern, by the way. It is a super easy, quick knit. It's even seamless, so the only "sewing" involves grafting a few stitches under the arms.

The yarn is great too. Very soft. It is a Merino/Acrylic blend, but I think the Acrylic is manageable in this one...not really "plasticy" at all. Of course, it's washable, which is a huge bonus!

And my little one loves it! It's been warm since I completed it, but she still asks regularly if it is cold enough to wear her "new pink sweater" yet. I didn't really think about how knitting it in June was going to be such a problem for her!

Oh and by the way, today is my baby sister's birthday. She recently discovered my blog through Ravelry...I had kept it a secret from the family until then. Now that she knows about it though, I might as well use it to wish her a happy birthday! I can't wait till this weekend sis, I have a ton of fun stuff planned for us!

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msubulldog said...

It looks great--especially in that yarn. I may have to whip some of those up for my boys. :)