Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WIP's Wednesday

I have seen a lot of folks out in knit blogland showing their "works in progress" on Wednesdays. I thought "What the heck, why not?" So, in no particular order, here are the WIP's I am owning up to:

This is the Hubby's vest. The back is complete, as is the front up to the split for the v-neck. Once I finish the front, block the pieces and seam it, I then have to add about 600 miles of attached i-cord edging. Sigh. This will likely be on the WIP list for awhile.

This is the Malabrigo Kiri Shawl. I think it has languished mostly because I have found it pretty boring. However , when I pulled it our for the photo shoot, I was reminded again how wonderful the yarn is. I may need to get back to this soon.

Finally, these are my current socks-in-progress. Again with the plain pattern, but boy am I loving the "happy rainbow" yarn, as the kids call it. This yarn is a lot thinner than the other sock yarn I have used so far, but is making a very nice fabric. I took this picture yesterday and have since turned the heel on sock #2 and am almost finished with the gussets. These should be finished soon.

Also, I have a few design ideas rolling around in my head. If I can pull them together and, if Chrissy likes them, they may go into the Gardiner Yarn Works line for Fall.

Not too bad...oh yeah...I have a couple of dishcloths going too...that's really it though, I swear...

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