Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Feet

I have very happy feet today for lots of reasons. First, it is officially spring and it actually feels like it today. I tried to take some nice pictures of all of the budding and blooming things in our yard on the actual first day of Spring, but it was so dark that my crummy little camera kept using the flash - outside, in the middle of the day! Those pictures were not worth posting...

Today though, it is beautiful, so I have included a picture of a magnolia bud.

I can say, without a doubt, our magnolia tree is the best feature of our yard. It is beautiful when in full bloom, which usually happens around the first week of April. Seeing this little bud today reminded me that it's coming soon!

Another reason I have happy feet today is they are going to take me downtown to a fun evening filled with knitting and good food with some of my favorite knitters in the world. Yeah!

Finally, the other reason I have happy feet today is that they are wearing my new "happy rainbow" socks.

Pattern: Same basic pattern, Yarn: Opal Feeling, Colorway: 1705

I love these socks. They made me smile every time I worked on them. They also garnered many comments and questions whenever I worked on them in public, from knitters and non-knitters alike.
The great thing about this yarn is how nice and perfect the stripes are. It made it very easy to make identical socks. Yeah for spring and spring socks!

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