Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Round-up

I have so much to talk about today I'm having a hard time getting started. Let's see...first I guess I'll update on my WIP's, since it is Wednesday. Two weeks in a row...perhaps I am actually starting something...

Not many pictures today, but here's the latest:

Happy Socks - done, see last post
Vest for Hubby - I actually finished knitting the pieces and they are now blocking. As soon as they are dry, it will be on to seaming and then all 600 miles of that i-cord edging. We'll see if I make any progress before next week.
Malabrigo shawl - I finished 1 more repeat

With the completion of the socks and making real progress on the other WIP's, I went ahead and started, and completed, some other stuff.

First, I finished a sample of a hat for the pattern line. I like the way it turned out, so now I just have to take a first stab at putting the pattern together...and I am going to try making some other sizes.

Next I started another pair of socks for V. She wears the other pair I made her EVERY DAY if she sees them, whether they are dirty or clean. I have to hide them to get them into the laundry. I have nearly finished the first one and wanted to measure it against the first pair, but of course she has them on her feet and is at my mom's right now. Maybe tomorrow, if I can wrestle them off of her.

Finally, I made this washcloth:

Pattern: Jonathan Livingston Seagull Cloth, Yarn: Cabled Cotton from Elmore Pisgah

I received this yarn from a very nice woman at Elmore Pisgah, also known as Peaches and Creme. For the last couple of years they have been sponsors of the knitting guild's shop hop. In a recent conversation I had with the Peaches and Creme lady, she mentioned this cabled cotton and asked if I would like to try it. She sent this ball for me along with the items for our event.

I have to say I love this yarn! It has a lovely texture, nice drape, the colors is super saturated and it was great to knit with. I'm thinking about buying enough for a sundress for one of the girls...someday, when I have more time. You can buy it directly from their web site for a great price.

In other news, yesterday I had jury duty. I was sort of looking forward to it until I checked with the court house and learned that you can not take knitting needles into the Multnomah County Courthouse. How weird is that? I can knit all the way across the country on an airplane, but can not knit in a courthouse.

Since I was never selected to go to a court room, I got to sit for 8 hours in the jury room...not knitting! It was so weird. I did read almost all of 'The Friday Night Knitting Club" so at least I got to read about other people knitting. Sigh. It's just not the same...

Finally, I have debated with myself whether to get all "braggy" and talk about the wonderful gifts my knitter friends gave me last Saturday. I decided the gifts are just too good to keep to myself - even though I think the three ladies who gave them to me comprise 90% of my blog audience.

So, the deal is that tomorrow is my birthday and today is Katrina's. To celebrate, Katrina, Amanda, Chrissy and I went out for some good food and good knitting last Saturday. I also left with some really great gifts.

The first thing I opened was an adorable card from Chrissy with a lovely note that concluded with "This card entitles you to a skein of your choice from the Handmaiden Wall O' Temptation". Oh, if only more of the cards in my life had words like those written in them! I should explain that at the time we were at Dublin Bay, which is Handmaiden central. I finally, after much deliberation, chose this:
It's a skein of Cashlana (90% Wool, 10% Cashmere) in colorway '"Fruit Punch". That's some seriously soft yarn and it is going to make very luxurious socks!

Next was a skein of Amanda's own hand-spun yarn and some gorgeous stitch markers she made.

Can you believe she just started spinning a couple of months ago? She actually learned how to Navajo Ply so that she could keep the colors separate. I love it! This yarn is going to have to be something very special.

Finally, Katrina gave me a box with many wonderful things, including this:

It's called "Flat Feet" and is a piece of machine knit cloth that is hand painted. The idea is that you start at one end and unravel it as you re-knit it into socks. Very clever! I saw this at TNNA in January, but had not seen it in any stores yet. I can't wait to try it out and see how it re-knits up.

I am, I think, a very lucky woman to have such thoughtful and generous friends! Thanks again ladies.

More on the birthday tomorrow.

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msubulldog said...

I cannot believe you can't take knitting needles into the courthouse! Ugh! So glad you had that book to read (I love it!).
p.s. I'm working on your 2nd skein tonight & am planning to bring it Saturday. *keep fingers crossed*