Friday, January 18, 2008


Last night was the January knitting guild meeting, which is always one of the best of the year, I think. Each year the Program Chairs for our guild select a "theme of the year", then guild members knit items that relate to that theme in some way. At the January meeting we all present our theme items, them vote on whose we all liked the best.

The theme for 2007 was "Knitting in Toy Land". What a great theme! We had excellent participation from the guild members and a huge variety of toys. We had a unicorn, fairies, several dolls complete with wardrobes, a beaver, an alien with his space ship, a jellyfish and all manner of other critters. My fav was the gorgeous patchwork dragon one member made from scrap yarn. He was so colorful and soft!

My contribution was this sad little owl.
Pattern: Edmund the Owl, Yarn: Mystery brown wool from the stash and some scraps

My husband actually says he thinks this little guys looks scary. I kind of like him, but perhaps in a "only his mother could love him" kind of way. Anyway, I did not win, but had a great time participating.

On the theme of knitted toys, my sister has been on a felted hedgehog kick of late and made these little beauties for the girls for Christmas.

They are so soft and really cute. The girls love them. Of course, they have "The Hat" by Jan Brett, so all things "Hedgie" are in vogue around here. I have received a request to knit a "hat" for hedgie (a stranded sock for those not familiar with the book). We'll see if that happens any time soon... This is a really cute book, by the way, as are all of Jan Brett's books. Lots of beautiful knitted garments!

Getting back to the theme of the year, we found out that the theme for next year is something like "Colorful Knitting" or "Adding Color to your Knitting". Hmmm, you think I'll have time to whip out an Alice Starmore before next January? Just kidding...

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