Monday, October 22, 2007

Something to Distract You

We finally have gorgeous fall weather today and, after a weekend of sickness around here, it could not have come at a more welcome time. I decided to take advantage of it today and take a bunch of pictures of things I plan to blog about over the next few weeks. This time of year, you never know when the dreary weather will come back, so it's important to soak up and take advantage of every gorgeous moment we get around here.

Knitting is continuing on the samples, so nothing new to show in the knitting front. Instead, I thought today we could take a look at one of the books in my collection of children's books.

The Daddy Book by Robert Stewart, Pictures by Don Madden
McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1972

I found this little treasure at a yard sale two years ago. It is in pristine condition, I don't think it was ever opened. It is all about Daddies, as the title would suggest and is pretty progressive for 1972, with pictures like this showing fathers in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

It shows Daddies in a variety of professions, including hair dresser, acrobat, poet and window cleaner, among many others. I noticed there were no "stay-at home daddies" though. Oh well, I suppose even now that would be unusual in a children's book.

The illustrations are great. Every other set is the two color black and orange. On the alternate pages, you find these brilliant, colorful illustrations of all sorts of dad related stuff.

I love this one of the dad playing horse with his kids. So cute!

Of course, this was published in 1972, so there are a few stereotypes, specifically around sex roles. I'm sure my girls would be confused by the idea that the jobs on these pages are "mommy" jobs, since daddy does most of them far more often at our house...

Overall though, this is a really fun book.


blackbird said...

I KNOW this book - I think from when my brother was little...what a trip seeing those illos again!

Joy in Georgia said...

I've been searching Google for a few years for a childhood book about daddies that my father read to me and I to him as I learned to read. I couldn't remember the name or author; yet remembered the pictures and the story itself. I stumbled upon your blog entry in the process and thanks to your photos of the book and illustrations I FOUND IT!!!! I was bawling as I viewed the pictures shown that I haven't seen in 30-35 years. I am going on EBAY to find one as a Christmas present for my dad. He was very ill over the summer and in an effort to make this a special xmas, I hope to surprise him with a copy. Bizarre how your blog entry on an October afternoon provided an answer to my search and genenrated so many fond memories. Thank You, thank you!!