Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An Old Finished Object

Today was a big day here at chez counting. I finally bound off the pink sample I've been working on for over a month. What a great learning experience that one has been! I have mentioned the yarn weight before, but I don't think I've mentioned that it was cashmere. Gorgeous, incredibly soft and very fragile. Add to that the fact that it has a propensity to stick to itself and you can see why there was a steep learning curve. I told some folks last night though that I wouldn't trade the experience because now I feel like I can knit with anything. I'm sure something else will come along and kick my behind soon enough, but it's a fun feeling for the moment.

Because this project is a sample, I can't show you any pictures. However, I think it's OK for me to say that I think it is going to be beautiful when it is blocked and finished. I can't wait to see it and am hoping there will be pictures out on the web someday.

So, since I finished something today, I feel like showing a finished project. In place of the "pink thing" here is a test knit I did for Chrissy's Gardiner Yarn Works pattern line earlier this year. I've shown it to a few of you in person, but have never blogged about it.

Yarn: Sweet Socks from the Sweet Sheep, 1 Skein
Colorway: Wild Blueberries

This is a great little pattern. It's a good one for someone who understands the basics of lace and wants to try a triangle shawl. Chrissy designed it to see what she could make with 1 skein of Sea Silk. Her sample is absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend knitting it with the recommended yarn. At the time, I wanted to knit it with something I had in the stash and had been saving this yarn for lace. I really like how it turned out.

I have a few of these "pre-blog" finished objects that I'm thinking about dragging out when the blogging topics get low. Who doesn't love to see a finished object? Of course, I hope to be kicking the Christmas knitting into high gear around here as soon as I finish the other "knit for hire" project I'm working on. So, hopefully, there will be plenty of finished objects around in the near future.

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