Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, we made it through May and now June is nearly half over. Jeesh. I find that the longer I go between postings, the harder it is to get motivated to post at all. I don't even know where to begin...

Everyone is happy and healthy. We survived all of the birthday parties, including an exciting one of our own. My little one turned three in May and wanted a "Hello Kitty" party. I can not tell you how much this pained me. While I myself am fairly enamored with that happy little white kitty, I have, until now, successfully avoided the "commercial" birthday party themes. I love to get creative with the themes and related games and crafts. V was very persistent though and would not be swayed, so Hello Kitty it was.

It was a challenge to come up with interesting, unisex games and party favors. I think it was not some of my best work, but below is the aftermath of "pin the bow on Hello Kitty".

I also made kitty ears out of felt and regular head bands for each of the kids. With some drawn on noses and whiskers, we quickly had a room full of "Hello Kitties". Unfortunately, none of the pictures turned out very well...However, I do have this picture of the lucky birthday girl in her special grammy made, appropriately themed dress clutching all of her sugary post party goodies.

While V received many wonderful gifts, I want to show you one special one...since this is a knitting blog and all. All of my knitting buddies know how much my little V loves her hand knit socks. She wears a pair every day they are clean and sometimes even when they are dirty if she can find them. So, Katrina decided she needed another pair and knit her these little cuties...

Aren't they adorable? She gave them to V on the sock blockers because "they are wool and will benefit from blocking after washing." Nice little extra present for mommy, I think! Thanks again Katrina!

I have so much more to say about so many things, including TNNA this past weekend, a gorgeous trip I took up the Columbia River Gorge, some beautiful yarn I bought, all of the knitting I have been doing, including three new patterns in the Gardiner Yarn Works pattern line, camping in the back yard and my new job!

Yes, that's right, a new job and the best part was that when I quit my old job, my boss actually asked me to write a detailed list of all of the reasons I was quiting. It was a fantasy come true...but ended up being harder than I expected.

Anyway, more on all of these things in time, if I get around to it before something else exciting happens. In the mean time, here are more flower pictures, which were taken nearly a month ago. The lilac blooms are long gone and the rhody's are fading fast, quickly being replaced with irises and roses. Nature waits for no one, no matter how behind they get on their blogging...

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