Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mossay socks are finished

Today I completed the first of what I hope are many pairs of socks, for "Summer of Socks".

Pattern: Thuja, Yarn: Socks that Rock Heavy Weight, Colorway: Mossay

Modifications: Added 4 stitches, so cast on 48 instead of 44, made cuffs only 3 1/2 inches tall, per the hubby's request. Apparently he really likes shorter socks...who knew? Certainly not me.

This was a great project on all fronts. The patterns is delightful, easy yet a little more interesting than plain stockinette. The yarn is pretty close to perfect. Green is not always my favorite color to work with, but I really love this green.

Ideally I am hoping to finish a pair of socks each week this summer, but will be really happy if I make it into the bi-weekly drawings. That means finishing and posting about a pair every two weeks.

Now, onto the next pair.

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