Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WIP's and other Wednesday Goodies

I think I like this "reporting on my WIP's" Wednesdays. It has motivated me to at least try to put some time in with them.

This week. I made some real progress on the vest. Sorry for the weird angle of the picture.

I finished seaming the vest and have started the edge. It turned out, even though I followed the pattern precisely and the pieces were blocked to just the right size, this was going to be pretty short for the Hubby. So, we agreed that I would add a rib at the bottom to lengthen the entire vest. I was glad I had started with a provisional cast on at the bottom, because it made the ribbing seamless.

Maybe I'll have this thing done by next week?

In addition to working on the vest and the little socks I wrote about last time, I also knit 2 small samples for the pattern line and wrote up the pattern for those samples. I feel so productive!

As we move closer to the June TNNA show, I anticipate fewer of my projects will be things I can blog about. I'm sure I'll find something to write about though. For example, this last week I received a gorgeous hand knit lace scarf from my friend Robert for my birthday.

I am not sure of the pattern, but the yarn is Blue Moon Socks that Rock. I think the colorway is Midsummer's Night. Isn't it gorgeous! I don't know how he knew that is one of my favorite Blue Moon colorways. I guess he does know me pretty well and I am pretty predictable, so no real mystery after all.

Thanks so much Robert! I am already enjoying wearing this one and look forward to using it a lot!

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