Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday Update

Seems I've only been able to make it to the old blog on Wednesdays lately. I like this Wednesday update theme I've got going on because I know I will write the blog at least once a week. Not that I ever run out of things to write about, but for some reason this is working for me for the moment, so I'm going to go with it for another week.

So, without further ado, here is the Hubby's vest - done!
Pattern: Vest from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, Yarn: Nashua Creative Focus, Worsted, Colorway: Evergreen

I actually finished it Saturday, but haven't had the five minutes required to write up a post about it. It did end up being quiet a slog, I think because I was just not fond of this yarn. It's really hairy and consists of a fairly loosely spun single. This meant I could not knit this without looking at every stitch. The minute I would look away I would put the needle through the yarn. For me, a big flat piece of dark colored stockinette that requires me to look at every stitch equals torture.

The attached i-cord around the neck and arm holes ended up going pretty quickly, after I finally settled on a plan. Getting to the plan only took four false starts and enough ripped out stitches to equal roughly both armholes.

However, the Mr. loves it. I think he has worn it every day since I finished it. You can't get any better endorsement than that!

By the way, there are only these two pictures because as soon as we stepped outside to take them it started to hail. Every time we tried to go out for pictures on Sunday, it would rain or hail, so we finally gave up. This will just have to do!

In addition to the vest, I also finished a hat and a pair of socks for A. this week. I'll take pictures of both projects and post them soon - hopefully before next Wednesday....

The only old WIP I have now is the Malabrigo Kiri. I'm afraid that one is going to sit around for awhile since I am just not that into it. Recently, a friend kindly pointed out this post to me...doesn't look much different does it? Ah well, I'll get to it when I'm in the mood.

I am now off to start another pair of socks, this time for my new sister-in-law. I'm going to meet her for the first time next week. Since she is a knitter I thought she might like to have something I knit for her. I know I love it when other people knit things for me!

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