Monday, February 4, 2008

Swap Topic of the Week

I have a lot to say today, but decided to narrow it down to this week's "Defeat the Winter Doldrums Swap" topic.

This week the topic was actually a request to see a picture of our dishcloth cotton stash and notions used to make dishcloths. I occasionally post pictures of yarn I acquire here on the blog, but can assure you that I would never "flash my entire stash". It's not that I am in denial about it because I actually keep a detailed excel spreadsheet listing everything I own. It's more that the effort it would take to show it all is more than I am interested in expending.

However, my dishcloth cotton stash is relatively small. I actually like keeping it this way - all on a little shelf in my office so I can just grab a ball and go whenever the mood for a little dishcloth knitting hits.

Lissa- you'll note that the yarn you gave me in the last swap is gone already. I think I mentioned before that my little girl loved it and asked me to use it for dishcloths for one of her teachers for Christmas. I was happy to oblige. It was nice to let her just "shop" the stash!

As for notions, the only thing I usually use for dishcloths are straight knitting needles, specifically these. I do love stitch markers and other notions in general, but dishcloths are so small I can usually remember what I'm doing without markers, although not always...

I have mentioned a time or two that I received them in the Fall swap and have pretty much had them in rotation since then. It is rare to see them all in the packet like this. I actually just finished something last night that was using the size 8's.

Yes, that is a mention of another finished object. Actually, I have a couple that I will plan to talk about tomorrow. I am the master of small, quick projects! Meanwhile, the vest and Kiri shawl languish...

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LissaDora said...


Glad you liked them. I remember seeing the variegated yarn in dishcloth form before you gifted it.