Thursday, November 1, 2007

Good Mail Day!

Today I had a entire blog post prepared about ZeeBee number 2 and grafting garter stitch, but it is going to have to wait another day because today was a very good mail day.

First, on top of the mountain of mail that arrived was my "Fall Into Autumn Dishcloth Swap" package. It came all packaged up like this:

It included this great little project bag, 2 gorgeous, very well made dishcloths, 2 balls of Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn, some wonderful herbal soap, three sets of nice metal knitting needles and some pure maple sugar treats. What a great haul! Also included was a cute little Halloween card, however it was not signed so I have no idea who to thank! Thank you secret swap pal, whoever you are! **Edited to add that my Swap partner was Melissa C. Thanks Lissa, you did a great job!

Another fun thing in the mail today was the Winter Interweave Knits Magazine. It contains a beautiful sock pattern called Tilting Cable Socks written by my friend Chrissy that you can see here. This issue is particularly sweater heavy and at first glance not a lot stood out to me, other than Chrissy's socks. I could see myself possibly making the Celtic Tote or Gathered Pullover, but I'll have to look more closely when I have more time.

Finally, on the mail front, I received a package of invitations to Craft Warehouse's Annual Customer Appreciation Sale. It is taking place November 10 in Beaverton. You have to have an invitation to get in and it includes a 40% off coupon. Please let me know if you are in the Portland area and want one. I'd be happy to share.

Tomorrow will be all about the ZeeBee.

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msubulldog said...

Ack! How dare Craft Warehouse compete (unknowingly) with the Blue Moon de-stashing? I think the Socks That Rock are going to win. :)